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Interpreting the photo, my plan for my Aran Islands Curragh jumper was:

Garter stitch a 30stitch wide band, until it fitted comfortably around my mid section (where a cummerbund might be worn). Sew the two ends together to make a tube. (Could have been wider I now think – up to 45 stitches).

Pick up stitches across the top of one half of this tube and knit a cable pattern which approximates the photo I had, straight up to shoulder height.

Repeat for the other side.

Join the shoulders at the outer edges for a few inches and then knit a triangular shape, grafting it into place as I progressed, turning the neck opening into a letterbox shape.

Pick up the stitches for the collar and knit in fisherman’s rib, in the round.

(This is as far as I have got in the attached photos).

Pick up the stitches all around the bottom of the garter stitch tube and knit the waist rib in fisherman’s rib, also in the round.

(This is where I am now).

Knit the arms from shoulder to cuff in vertical garter stitch (I’m not sure about any shaping of the lower arm yet, I have a suspicion that I can get away with a simple tube).

Sew the arms into place, join the sides and knit the underarm gussets.

Sew the arm seams and pick up stitches for the ribbed cuffs.

I’m using Aran weight wool (of course), naturally dark brown from a rustic breed of Breton Sheep (‘Mouton des Landes’ – moorland sheep). Supplied by ‘Les Toisons Bretonnes’ in Finisterre.

3 comments to Lee

  • Lois

    Oh my, oh my! You are indeed a brave soul! Hope to see the finished result in the near future.
    What size needles are you using?

  • Lee

    Hi Lois,

    I’ve almost finished one of the sleeves, so it is moving steadily toward completion.

    I have used 4mm needles throughout so far, even for the fisherman’s rib I added to the bottom of the central band.

    The wool I have has had minimal processing, feels like a tight ‘weave’ (there’s probably a correct term for twist tightness), and feels reasonably thick for the 4mm needles. So it feels quite tightly knitted, but perhaps not tight enough to qualify as a proper gansey. More likely just a rustic jumper :-).

  • Rebecca

    Interesting pattern – I like the way the welt came out.

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