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4 comments to Preparation

  • Sandi Wyszynski

    Hello and I am so happy to find your site!!
    I am just getting started knitting a gansey for my teen son.
    Although I’ve knitted sweaters through the years, I could never find proper instruction on how to knit these types of sweaters.
    Thank you again and all the Best!!
    Sandi W., Florida, U.S.A.

  • Gordon

    Hi Sandi,

    Very glad you found us! Best of luck with your project and, of course, if you’re want a second opinion or a bit of advice please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

    Happy knitting,

  • Lynne Bilton

    I have just found your site
    I have been trying to design a gansey for my son-in-law and beginning to lose faith. Yes, I’m overthinking it!
    Now my confidence is back, but I can see a lot of questions coming your way over the next few months – he wants it for Christmas – I said OK, but I didn’t specify WHICH Christmas.
    I’m going to take the plunge and cast on my beautiful Frangiani yarn, keep coming back to your blog and who knowa, I might just knit a gansey.
    Thankyou Gordon!

    • Gordon

      Hi Lynne, delighted you found us! And by all means ask away – if we can help with a second opinion or advice, we will. (I can’t always reply immediately though – this is, alas, just a hobby, and occasionally work gets in the way. But we do our best.) Which colour yarn did you get?

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