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17 comments to Jenny

  • Julie

    Beautiful! Congratulations, Jenny.

  • Judit M./Finland

    Very fine work ! Congratulations to Jenny !

    • Jenny

      Thank you, Judit. I enjoyed making a wee gansey not only because it takes less time but it incorporates all the elements in miniature scale.

  • Jane

    Beautiful work. Congratulation!

  • Lynne

    Beautiful job, Jenny – and great photos to show off the stitches. Was that a picot cast on you used on the welt? Lovely!

    • Jenny

      Hi Lynne,

      Not a picot cast on, but a long tail cast on, then the same stitches used on the yoke for the welt. Thank you.

  • Annie

    What a beauty, absolutely a work of art.

  • Jenny

    Thank you all and thanks to Julie of Victoria, BC for her encouragement on what to do with the sleeves. Julie, I am very pleased with the outcome. Lynne, the cast on I used on the welt is the channel island cast on which is described in Mary Wright’s book, Cornish Guernseys and Knit Frocks. I followed that with a garter border and a short rib. I then knitted two welts one for front and back and then joined them before starting the body. Gordon, thank you for showing off my gansey on your website. Your website has been invaluable in finishing this gansey. I will be going through your library of ganseys to inspire me for my next one.
    Victoria, BC

  • Nigel

    A work of wonder

  • Lois

    A work of art! Lovely pattern and the colour shows the stitches to perfection.

  • Jenny

    Thank you Nigel and Lois. While I wasn’t knitting this gansey daily, it was very satisfying to complete one. Now I don’t know what to do next for an encore.

  • Lois

    Well, that is a great encore! I particularly love the way you repeated the yoke pattern on the welt. That’s a very nice touch indeed.

  • Jane

    Lovely, lovely work, many congratulations!

  • Jenny

    Thank you, Lois and Jane. I particularly enjoyed creating the little gussets which I thought wouldn’t be necessary for a wee one. I used the instructions for this ganseyette (as Gordon calls it)from an Alice Starmore book on Arans.

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