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This is a gansey for Margaret’s sister Gail, knitted 2003-2004 in Frangipani navy blue wool, pattern from Mary Wright, p. 61, Jim Curtis’s gansey.

It’s a very effective combination of cables, diamonds and chevrons, with a moss stitch panel below the patterned yoke. (I increased the length of the moss stitch panel from the original just because I think it looks better.) The navy blue yarn, which is more blue than navy, sets off the pattern perfectly. Again, it shows how effective a half-patterned gansey can be.

7 comments to Polperro

  • Yvonne Barclay

    Can yo7 tell me where I can find this pattern please? I have Mary Wright’s book but can’t find the one you mean. Thanks.

    • Gordon

      Hi Yvonne, in my copy it’s on page 61, the one that’s charted – if I remember correctly, I just added cables between the pattern bands?

  • Yvonne

    Hi Gordon thanks for your reply. Page 61 in my book just has an old photo of the Gansey. The instructions for the Polperro at the end of the book don’t seem to be for that jumper. Did you resurrect the pattern yourself?

  • Yvonne Barclay

    Hi Gordon thanks for your reply. Page 61 in my book has just an old photo of the Gansey. The instructions at the end of the book for the Polperro seem to be for a different jumper.

    • Gordon

      Hi again Yvonne, you’re quite right, and I do apologise (in my defence it was several decades ago!).

      The chart is in Michael Pearson’s book. In the new edition it’s on page 48.

  • Yvonne Barclay

    Ah thanks. Unfortunately I don’t have that book. I’m an experienced knitter but this is my first Gansey so I’m rather nervous!

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