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7 comments to Sue

  • Lynne

    Lovely gansey, Sue, I especially like the meeting chevrons on the back yoke!

  • Sue

    Many thanks for such a lovely comment Lynn. The chevron design is a symptom of my OCD tendencies which have completely bypassed any urge to keep a tidy house (especially when there’s some knitting on the go!) but has got funnelled into achieving as much symmetry as possible in the knitting 🙂

  • Nigel

    Wow. Well done, bloomin’ marvellous piece of work Sue. No wonder he’s smiling.

  • Sue

    Thanks, Nigel, for the compliment. To be honest I think it looks a bit baggy – the armholes in particular are much deeper than the traditional ‘fit’ – but it is to the exact measurements he wanted in that I asked him to measure a jumper that he liked the fit of and send those to me. We live over 400 miles apart so I couldn’t check it against him whilst it was a ‘work in progress’. Given that it measures 54 ins in circumference the recipient of the next one will be encouraged to opt for a much sleeker, more traditional ‘fit’!

  • Looks lovely, is it from a pattern or self-designed?

  • Sue

    Hi Sarah, I’ve only just spotted your post so please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

    The motifs were all taken from Gladys Thompson’s book and are associated with the East coast of Scotland where I live – he lives in landlocked Walsall which isn’t known for its ganseys! And the way they are put together in vertical columns separated by cables is also traditional in Scottish ganseys. However, the finished size he wanted meant that I had to do all the calculations myself for the number of stitches required etc and then I charted up the motifs myself to fit the number of stitches.

    I saw him in it over Hogmanay and contrary to all instructions I suspect that he HAS machine washed it rather than doing it by hand – or else he’s put on weight since the photos above were taken. While part of me is outraged that he seems to have shrunk and that the motifs are less clear, it does now have a more authentic fit and no doubt one of the reasons the originals acquired a reputation as being windproof was probably because they got washed and/or exposed to salt water so many times that they too tended to felt up a little over the years. I just didn’t expect it to happen to his within less than a year of knitting it!

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