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Whitby – Mrs Laidler

My all-time favourite pattern, Mrs Laidler of Whitby’s. Knitted in Wendy’s navy blue wool, pattern from Pearson, pp. 45-47.

This is just a fantastic pattern. Not only does it have a very intricate seed stitch border to the cables, which offset the simpler half flag panels which alternate with them; but it also features a cable starting at the very top of the shoulder, at the point where it joins the collar, and which then then runs unbroken all the way down the sleeve to the cuff. It’s a tricky effect to pull off, because you have to knit it at right angles to the rest of the body as you work down the shoulder, which carries its own complications – but the effect is very spectacular and creates a quite stunning effect.

Of course, you could do this on any gansey that is fully patterned and includes cables – but it really belongs on this one.

The photos don’t capture the nice blue shine to the wool, sadly. You can see the pattern better, too, on the cream version of this gansey modelled by Margaret in the gallery.

4 comments to Whitby – Mrs Laidler

  • Cliff Haysom

    Wow ….. what a beautiful Gansey. Where abouts could I get one made to that standard and quality?

    • Gordon

      Hi Cliff, I think your best bet would be Flamborough Marine. There are loads of examples and patterns on their website, each of them traditionally hand-knitted to order by experienced gansey knitters. Of course they’re not cheap, but you are getting over 100 hours of someone’s time to knit them.

      Best of luck!

  • Angela

    Definitely try Flamborough Marine! However, be prepared to pay for quality from these people. Their sweaters are hand knitted by experts and second to none. I myself am a traditional Gansey knitter and when you work out that over 100 hours of work or at least 6 -8 weeks of knitting goes into one sweater, for the price they are reasonable. The cost of the yarn alone is £60-£70. But all things conisdered, one of these sweaters will last you a lifetime and possibly become family heirlooms!

  • Jan Smith

    Please could you send me the (Filey) knitting pattern for this sweater in a size 42 chest to my email address listed above. Thanking you very much.

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