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Urk, Netherlands

A gansey with a Dutch pattern, recorded from Urk in the Netherlands. Knitted in Creskeld cream wool, pattern from Knitting from the Netherlands, by Henriette van der Klift-Tellegen

This is the only book I’ve come across on ganseys from outside the British Isles, though of course they must have been pretty universal garments in the fishing industry. It’s fascinating to see the differences, and the similarities.

I fell in love with this pattern from Urk right away, and the combination isn’t quite like anything I’ve seen from Britain. I think it’s the ladders of garter stitch that give it the slightly unusual effect, and the large, central seed stitch diamonds are very dramatic. Plus it’s got lots of cables, which always looks good.

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  • Betsy Rogers

    Another book on Dutch Ganseys is by Stella Ruhe: Dutch Traditional Ganseys: sweaters from 40 villages. It has great photos of old fishermen, good history and lots of updated patterns. This one you made is beautiful, as all of them seem to be!! I still am waiting to make my first one – narrowing down on the pattern and yarn.

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