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6 comments to Sarah

  • Judit M./ Finland

    Congratulations Sarah ! Lovely pattern and colour ! I hope you will add a photo of your dad wearing the sweater!

  • Lynne

    Beautiful job, Sarah – that color makes the pattern “pop” and it looks so rich.

  • Jane

    Lovely work, so well done. Such a good colour and pattern!

  • Sarah

    Thanks everybody! I wish I had gotten a photo of him in it, but for some reason neither he nor I thought of that… I love the pattern and color; they were pretty much his choice, though we are both earth-tone fans.

  • Judit M./ Finland

    Hi Sarah,
    Next time you see your dad you may ask him to pose for you with the gansey you knitted for him. And we all may see him wearing his lovely sweater :).

  • Lynne

    Hi Sarah,
    Love your sweater. It’s a stunner. It’s so deceptively simple but I can see the thought and planning you put into it. I’ve been searching for a gansey to make for my husband and this is it. Thanks for your helpful comments and photographs which will be at my side as I knit.

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