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Fife Cardigan

This cardigan was knitted for Margaret between December 2010 and May 2011. It’s knit in Frangipani Sea Spray gansey 5-ply wool, and is one of the most elaborate I’ve knitted.

The patterns are a composite from several of the many recorded patterns of the Scottish fishing fleet and from the east coast of Scotland. So, on the body, the half-flag is from Pearson, p. 68 (Gamrie Bay) while the open diamond and moss stitch comes from Kate Stevens of Boddam, also in Pearson, p.63. The centre chevron (which also appears on the shoulder straps) is from Thompson, p.111. On the yoke, the triple cross-bar is from Thompson, pp. 98-99, the double diamond comes from Pearson, p.64, and the tree of life from Pearson, p.80. (All have been adapted to fit the width of the yoke.) The cables are my favourite cable pattern, a 6-stich cable with 2 purl stitches on either side, cabling every 6th row so there are 2 cables per 12 stitches,which fits the body patterns perfectly.

You can read details of how Margaret fitted the zip in the blog, which also features the nerve-wracking “cutting of the steek” with a pair of scissors (those of a nervous disposition be warned…) here:

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