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6 comments to Humber

  • Lindsey Simpson

    This is a great gansey. I have been searching high and low for a Humber keel knitting pattern so I can recreate one of these myself. So far all I can find is a full fit that included the pattern but for me that is unecessary. How did you get hold of the pattern?

    • Gordon

      Hi Lindsey – oops, you’ve just reminded me that I haven’t credited my source on this one!

      It’s from Michael Pearson’s Traditional Knitting book (details in the Gansey Books section), page 102 – he’s got a small chapter snappily titled “The Patterns of the keel and sloop men of the Humber Estuary and the waterways of Yorkshire, Lincoln and Nottingham”. The pattern in question is Mrs Jackson’s.

      I charted the pattern out, which you can see in week 10 of the blog describing it being knitted – http://www.ganseys.com/?p=3493

      The border stitches will be charted in one of the earlier weeks.

      All the best,

  • sue

    brill site im trying to knit a gansy for the first time.some thing to do before I hit 60.

  • Ellen

    I discovered your wonderful website in August!

    I live in central Indiana, USA, and knitted by first Gansey a few years ago. I am now knitting a gansey using your Humber charts, modified for my smaller frame.

    The yarn I am using is Finullgarn Rauma which I bought at Wall of Yarn in Freeport in Illinois.

    Can you tell me how you block your finished sweater?

    Thanks for all your posts! Ellen

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