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Hebrides II

My second attempt at a Hebridean gansey. Knitted in British Breeds wool, based on patterns from Mrs Cath McMillan in Pearson, pp. 75-80.

The Hebridean patterns are in many ways the pinnacle of gansey knitting, and are another example of the principle where the remoter the community, the more elaborate the patterning. Once again, I’ve taken elements I liked from the charts and photographs and made my own combinations – in this case, using patterns on the body which are associated with the yoke, and vice versa. Apart from the distinctive lace-hole-effect of the yarn-overs, which really stand out, the other feature to note is the shoulder strap. This follows the Scottish custom of knitting the shoulder strap as a single rectangle which is joined on the back (instead of knitting it in two equal halves which are joined at the centre of the shoulder). In this case it is a simple diagonal lattice pattern.

To read about how this gansey was knit, start here.

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