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6 comments to Joy

  • Marilyn

    Joy, very handsome work! good job.

    • Joy Davies

      Thanks Marilyn. I feel very fortunate to have found Gordon’s website with his brilliant “how to” instructions & wry comments on knitting ganseys & life in general.

  • Gracie

    Very nice jumper. Just lovely! I wish I had it right now – little chilly today.

  • Ooooh, it looks lovely! I’m working the sample gansey just now in Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book before attempting a full sized version. I LOVE the pattern you chose, Joy!

  • Joy Davies

    Thanks Gracie & Megan. Actually, my husband Dave, chose the gansey features.I gave him Gladys Thompson’s book to look through & was quite relieved when he chose Staithes, a relatively simple pattern. I just substituted the pattern between the ridges with “Betty Martin” stitch as it stood out better with my hand spun yarn.He also requested side vents, so the bottom part is based on the Channel islands’ Guernsey.All the rest was down to following Gordon’s “how to” instructions, which were excellent.
    Happy knitting,
    Regards Joy

  • Sue

    Hi Joy, such a lovely piece of work. Sometimes the old, simple patterns really are best.

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