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Techniques for knitting

4 comments to Techniques for knitting

  • I Love ganseys but here in germany they are poorly not so often to see and there are quite no pattern

    • Gordon

      Hello Silvia, there is now a book on Dutch ganseys—I wonder if there was a tradition in north Germany among the fishermen and bargemen like there was in Holland? Maybe the evidence is buried in some quiet museums and archives’ photograph collections—and will come to light one of these days…?

  • Miss B

    I am a newbie. I am 81…and just got tired knitting Orenburg shawls/scarfs. Have I ventured into unknown territory?
    Anyone in Oregon?

    • Gordon

      Hi there, it’s never too late to start a gansey! But then I might be biased… There are American gansey knitters – have you tried looking on Ravelry?

      Best wishes, Gordon

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