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De Nime

4 comments to De Nime

  • Hi Gordon,
    I’ve been browsing around the web for a Gansey for my husband. The De Nime is lovely. I love the combination of textures and the roomy neckline. My husband dislikes tights necklines so that’s perfect for him. Is the pattern for sale or am I going to have to get my tech head on and have to work it out for myself?
    Best regards

    • Gordon

      Hi Stephanie, no patterns, sorry! But if you want to email me at gordon@ganseys.com I’ll happily offer you any advice or suggestions I can to help you tailor the design to your husband’s fit. The first thing is his chest measurement…
      Cheers, Gordon

  • Stephanie

    Hi Gordon,
    I guessed as much. To be honest I was being lazy as I’ve got a very long list of things to be knitted. Socks, aran sweaters, two Surprise Jackets, a couple or three ganseys, more socks. I have some lovely Frangipani yarn begging attention, not to mention more yarn from my ever increasing stash. I mean to say who can pass up some lovely yarn when browsing round shops in foreign climes. Especially as I now live in Bulgaria and I can get lovely yarn at very reasonable prices. I’m planning on living to a hundred and fifty, that might just about cover it. Unless….. Now I must go get my husbands chest measurement and bone up on some rusty maths skills, just as well I’ve got a very useful phone app to confirm my numbers. :-))
    Thanks ,Stephanie

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