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Joining the shoulders and casting off

In short and for now, place each shoulder on a straight double-pointed needle, line them up side by side, then, with a third needle,
knit through the first pair of stitches and slip them off their needles;
you will now have a new stitch on the third needle. Repeat for the second pair of stitches, so you now have 2 new stitches on your third needle. Slip the first stitch you made right over the second. You now have one stitch on your needle (the newest one).
Repeat the process until all your shoulder stitches have been knit through and cast off. When all your shoulder stitches have been cast off and you only have one stitch left, on your third needle, thread the tail of your yarn through the loop of the stitch and pull it tight. Like a serpent eating its own tail, you’ve made a tight knot that can’t unravel – and you’re done. And the best bit? No sewing involved at any stage!

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