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Scottish Fleet

This gansey is recorded in Gladys Thompson’s book as “Scottish Fleet Pattern XXVIII” on page 119, but it seems to have been a common pattern as there is another very similar from Whitby too. The combination of diamonds, cables and Betty Martin patterns makes for a very neat and compact arrangement, very pleasing on the eye. (This is one of many ganseys knitted for friends that have subsequently caused me to break the Tenth Commandment!) This gansey is knitted in Frangipani seaspray yarn.

6 comments to Scottish Fleet

  • This is also known as Matt Cammish – a very satisfying pattern associated with Filey. Interesting to note that it can be centred on diamonds or cable, for fitting purposes, but it’s still instantly recognisable.

  • Charles Cameron Carruthers

    Looking for a pattern from Dunbar or Eyemouth (fishermans gansey) but no photos of such unless they wore the Scottish Fleet Pattern shown in Gladys Thompson`s book and i`ve already purchased a Fisherrow Gansey from Flamborough Marine which is brilliant!.

  • Ali Cleary

    Hi there,

    Do you know if there are any Cornish Gansey patterns? Charlestown specifically although would be keen to learn where to find out more as have connections in south west, north east & south east Scotland.

    Many thanks,


    • Gordon

      Hi Ali, the best source for Cornwall is Mary Wright’s book on Cornish ganseys. Though Michael Pearson also has a good chapter on them in his excellent book, as well as plenty of information on Scottish ganseys. Check out my books reference page here: http://www.ganseys.com/books/

      Hope this helps! Kind regards, Gordon

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