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14 comments to Lynne

  • Sue

    Another triumph, Lynn! It’s never occurred to me to do the gussets in anything other than plain stocking stitch – I must have a think about having a go at incorporating patterned stitches into them when I pick up the needles for another gansey.

  • Judit M./ Finland

    Lynne, congratulations to the new gansey. Lovely colour, perfect fit. The underarm gusset of the other sweater is very impressive.
    Best regards from Finland,

  • Gracie


    Lovely knitting. Absolutely beautiful. You are very, very good. I am inspired to try harder. I really like the color of the rusty/orange one.


  • Swany

    It looks great on the website!! D

  • Laura

    Smashing Lynne. Fantastic work, well done

  • Nigel

    Lynne, you are super talented!

    • Lynne

      Thanks, Nigel, in the photo wee dog isn’t looking so impressed, but on those cool nights he sure appreciated the extra warmth.

  • Judit M. / Finland

    Hello Lynne and congrats to the vest of the proud little dog. As it is blue I think that the dog is a he-dog. What is his name ?

  • Nigel

    I love the dog coat Lynne. Inspired work.

  • Jane

    Absolutely delightful, Lynne, and so beautifully done. Congratulations, and what a super dog!

  • Judit M/ Finland

    Hello Lynne,
    It seems to me that we love the same colors ! I knitted ganseys of the same colors you knitted but I think the fit of yours is much better than those of mine :). Congrats to the last pullover !

  • Lynne

    Thanks, Judit – this was actually a re-knit! Six years ago it had been knit in Mrs. Laidlaw’s pattern but never did fit the way I like it so in the summer, I ripped it out, washed it, and re-wound it. This one fits and will get some wear.

  • Jane

    Very, very nice work, lovely colour, many congratulations! Such a good re-use of the yarn, excellent.

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