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16 comments to Lois

  • Annie

    The yarn, the distinctive shape, the pattern of the stitches are lovely, and what a fit for the name of the color, “Ebb Tide.” It must feel wonderful and wild to wear!

  • Jane

    Absolutely beautiful, I love the colour and stitch changes, very elegant. It is a joy!

  • Lois

    Thank you Annie and Jane. Having lived beside the Bay of Fundy all my life (highest tides in the world), when I saw that ball of yarn, I knew it had my name on it!

    And as for feeling wild and joyful, I haven’t had a chance to wear it yet. Lol

  • Linda Abraham

    It’s beautiful, and I love the texture!

  • Chris

    It’s just beautiful! Your skill really shines through. Did you design it? I’d like to purchase a copy if so.

  • Lois

    Thank you Chris! I regret that it isn’t my design, I modified it from a pattern on Ravelry. Look up Reverse Psychology by Mindy Ross on that site. She has several other gorgeous patterns as well.
    The yarn is from Jazz Handz, a long gradient dyed 4 ply cotton. I used about 600 beads on it.

  • Maria H

    Very nice stitch definition on your gansey, Lois….

  • Judit M./Finland

    Hello Lois and congratulations to this very fine work !
    I love both color and pattern and now I think it´s time to send you the old celtic blessing with all my best regards from Finland.

    Blessings for a Handmade Garment

    May you wear the garment
    to shreds!
    May you wear the garment
    to tatters!
    May you wear the garment
    With food and music
    In every place.
    As I would wish:
    With confidence,
    With health,
    With friends,
    With love,
    With a grace of the
    Threefold Spirit.

    Caitlin Matthews: The little Book of Celtic Blessings.
    Element books, Shaftesbury 1994

  • Julie

    Lovely pattern! Congratulations.

  • Jane

    Lovely work, most beautiful pattern and definition, congratulations!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, that is lovely!

  • Sharon in Surrey

    Gorgeous stitchery Lois.

  • Lois

    Many thanks for the kind comments, ladies. It was a long session, but I enjoyed it all the way. Well, perhaps not all that stocking stitch on the sleeves, but I like the traditional idea of making the lower sleeve plain, so that it could be reknit easily. And it sets off the patterns nicely.

    I’m allergic to wool, that was the reason for the cotton/wool blend. It’s very light weight, so I can wear it over a shirt or turtleneck. Luckily, I can knit with wool, but not wear it.

  • Lynne

    Such a beautiful knitting job, Lois, and the fiber blend of cotton/wool must have a wonderful twist to it to produce such smooth stockinette sections. I particularly love that center horseshoe cable. Stunning gansey!

  • Lois

    Thank you, Lynne. Wouldn’t you know, that lovely yarn has been discontinued! Grrrrrrrr!
    I had intended to use a traditional heart pattern down the centre, but when I saw that cable, that settled the matter.

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