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Lopi Interlude III: 6 December

SF151206-1 It’s probably best to think of this as a spirit message, as in a blog from The Other Side—well, the other side of the Caithness-Sutherland border, anyway (and speaking as someone who’s traversed the hairpins of Berriedale Braes many times, I’m not sure that returning from the land of the dead mightn’t in fact be easier…).



You see, by the time you read this, we will hopefully be in Edinburgh for a much-needed winter break, filled with Christmas lights, throngs of people, German markets, coffee shops, cake, and restaurants that don’t have the word “diner” and “kebab” in the title. At this time of year, wallets and waistlines are expendable and expandable respectively.


Having a snooze

As you’ll see, Margaret’s Lopi is finished, and just needs to be blocked into shape. (I draped it over the back of the sofa to admire it but had to take it down after a while as it looked like an elderly koala had crept in while we weren’t looking and was hoping to catch the Aussie Rules football scores.) One more Lopi to go and then it’s back to the day job.

In parish news, congratulations to Julie on this very impressive bottle green gansey cardigan —a nice blend of tradition and innovation, I think. (And it just shows how effective gansey patterns look in so many different colours.)

So there we are. I won’t be able to respond to any comments, as hedonistic indulgences are very much in fashion this year, but normal service will hopefully be resumed next week…

6 comments to Lopi Interlude III: 6 December

  • Jane

    Lovely work, Gordon, and such a fun knit, Margaret will so enjoy it. Everyone needs the warm glow of achievement from a quick finish now and again. I love the spread of colour down from the neck. Have you ever come across Bohus knitting?

    Speaking of the fast project, the younger kid booked me for first size bootees and mittens for a friend. Ooh yes I said thinking nice and quick, I found the word layette bubbled up from the depths and then I thought ahh no, shawl. So far, I have said we will see how the time goes! Maybe a little bit of James Norbury!

    The aircraft cold has got to me, and there has been little knitting progress. I was very concerned for Wick when I heard the weather reports, very pleased that the bright lights of Edinburgh are yours!

  • Jane

    P S For those that itch with wool as I do, acrylic yarns are useful. They produce a very soft Fair Isle, but the colours are a tad unsubtle!

  • Lynne

    That is the nicest Lopi pattern I’ve seen – great job, Margaret, the designer – and Gordon, the knitter. It’s real satisfaction when you can complete a project like that in three weeks.

  • =Tamar

    When I used to fly, I used to wear one of those molded paper masks (sold in drugstores) while in the airport and on the plane, except when necessary to remove it for showing ID and for eating and drinking. It almost completely stopped the routine airplane-respiratory-infection problem for me.

  • Dave

    Nice jumper !

    I always thought the word was ‘donner’…

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