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Matt Cammish Week 9: 13 November

cam161111-1As I said last week, by the time this appears we will be in Northampton. So this bloguette is something of a message from the Other Side—though in this case I mean the other side of Hadrian’s Wall, as opposed to joining the choir invisible, as it were.


The tower of St Fergus’, Wick

By way of some light relief in turbulent times, I thought I’d share with you my favourite Religious Scotsman joke, from a pretty wide field. (I’ve seen it applied to other peoples, such as the Welsh or Jews, but given the fractal nature of Scottish religious denominations it feels particularly suited to the north Highlands.)

A Scotsman is shipwrecked on a desert island. After many years a passing ship sees his distress signal and stops to rescue him. Before they leave he shows the captain of the ship round his island, the garden he cultivates, the irrigation system he’s put in, and the house he lives in. The captain points to a hill where two buildings stand and asks him what they are. “The one on the left’s the church I built to worship in.” “And the other?” asks the captain. “Oh,’ he says, “that’s the church I don’t go to…”


Margaret’s been busy too

OK. I guess you had to be there.

Now, we’ve always striven to keep politics out of this blog—my father’s house has many mansions, and all that, even if some of the doors are boarded up. So I forebear to comment on the outcome of US presidential election, just as I did on the British Brexit vote, especially as I see there have been calls on all sides for reconciliation and a coming together. It is, therefore, in that same spirit of tolerance and forgiveness that I respectfully offer this linked video clip.

Normal service will be resumed on Monday 21st November. See you then!

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