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(Navy) Week 3: 12 June

Another short blog, as by the time you read this we shall be back down south for my father’s funeral. (I’m writing this on last Friday, as it were, so there’s not a lot of progress to report, just an inch or so of plain knitting up the body. Think of this as a sort of gansey-related time capsule, a metaphorical message in a bottle from the past.)

It’s been raining a lot

Britain has just held a general election to choose a new government, always a fairly depressing experience. Still, it’s usually enlivened by the fringe candidates, whose main reason for standing is just to inject some fun into the whole exercise. This is something that appears to be sadly lacking in other countries—after all, Barack Obama never had to campaign against Lord Buckethead (a man literally wearing a bucket on his head). And as for the splendidly costumed Mr Fishfinger, well, just imagine Hillary Clinton fighting a presidential campaign against a ridiculous figure in an outsize orange fat suit. (Oh, wait…)

In Scotland, the drop in support for the SNP makes the prospect of another independence referendum in the near future more unlikely. And overall Labour lost but it feels like a victory, partly because of the unexpectedly close result, partly because they ran a campaign based on hope (even if it was partly a hope they wouldn’t have to deliver on everything). Though as John Cleese famously said in the movie Clockwatch, “It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair. It’s the hope I can’t stand…”

We’ll be back home, and with any luck back to normal next week. Happy knitting!

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