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Thurso: 7 June

ThTh150607-1As regular readers will know, I’ve been working my way through the medical dictionary looking for interesting diseases. Well, this week I’ve reached the letter M, for Mouth Infection, and yes, I’ve got one. It’s an uncomfortable thing to have, because my mouth is full of sores and my tongue feels large and dry, as if I’ve had a transplant from a minke whale, and it’s got a nasty coating which looks as though elves are growing cauliflowers on it while I sleep.

ThTh150603-1I went to the pharmacist and she asked me to stick out my tongue. I did so and she recoiled with an involuntary squeal (“Eurgh!” she cried. “That’s horrible!”—which didn’t go very far to making me feel good about myself.) Whatever the problem is, it hasn’t responded to treatment so it’s a trip to the doctor now and no doubt farewell to the last shreds of my personal dignity.

ThTh150530-1Good progress on the gansey, though: I’m now almost twelve inches up the body, and in another week I might even be in a position to think about—be still my beating heart—gussets. And maybe even the pattern. I keep checking regularly and I’m maintaining a fairly dependable eight stitches to the inch, so I’m as confident as I can be that this one will come out right. I like the colour, too—there’s a sort of iridescent red thread woven among the brownish-purple that gives it an electric shimmer when the sunlight catches it just so.

Finally this week congratulations to Margaret, whose excellent photographs have won her the accolade of Student of the Month at the Photoion Photography School – you can read more, and see more of her photos here – though of course you can keep seeing them here too.

8 comments to Thurso: 7 June

    • Gordon

      Hi Annie, “heck” is certainly one word for it—I have others…

      And now I’ve gone and broken a tooth (curse you crunchy peanut butter, my old nemesis!) and I can’t get to see the dentist till Thursday. All in all, I’d have to say, I have had better weeks.

  • Lynne

    I had something similar about 15 years ago with mouth lesions that looked like smallpox! The ENT physician diagnosed it as one of the Coxsackie viruses and it did follow an upper respiratory infection, but it was definitely uncomfortable and limited oral intake. Good luck.

    • Gordon

      Hi Lynne, well, to my relief the doctor thinks it’s just an infection, so I don’t have to shave my tongue with a straight razor after all. I’ve got an antibiotic liquid to take, which tastes vaguely of pureed leprechauns, so I’m hopeful that that will clear it up in a few days. But yes, all in all, I’d rather be aged 19 and lying on a beach somewhere (though not in Caithness, as I’d have to dress like an eskimo right now and be pegged to the ground with guy ropes to stop me blowing away).

  • Den

    Sounds like you’re going through the wars Gordon, hope the nasties clear off soon! Thankfully the battle of ‘Flamborough’ is over – such a shame it beat you, all that work!

    My Filey is coming on well. I’ve done my first ever gussets (why does that sound wrong!?) and I’ve split for front and back. I’m really enjoying this knit and can see how they become addictive. Will send some pictures when it’s complete.

    • Gordon

      Hi den,

      Yes, it’s been a rough few weeks all round. Sometimes fate conspires against you, until all you can do is hunker down with a big tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and a dessert spoon and wait for the crisis to pass. Which it is starting to, I think.

      Congratulations on the Filey—it speeds up a lot at this stage (I think of the increases up the gussets as mud clinging to your shoes, and dividing front and back is like scraping it off! Suddenly you can move freely and fast.) Looks like a good pattern, too, should look good when it’s done!


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