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Vicar of Morwenstow 9: 14 December

M141214a Just a short blog this week, as we’re taking a break and going down to Edinburgh for a few days’ holiday to see old friends, do some Christmas shopping, go to a carol concert—and visit the Apple Store which has just been built literally next door to where I used to work, not that I’m bitter or anything, oh no, not at all; I’m sure they’ll build one in Wick soon.

We were going to go see The Hobbit Part Three while we were there, but then we realised it would be dark, grey and gloomy, filled with greed, decapitations and a desperate struggle for existence, all of which already make up such a large part of our life in Wick, and so decided to go see Paddington instead.


Sunrise, 12.12.14

It’s been a wintry few days up here, sleet, hail, rain and snow, and the sort of winds that have weather presenters practicing how to say “weather bomb” in front of the mirror like a doctor telling you that perhaps you’d better sit down before he gives you the results; on the plus side, the temperature sometimes rose above freezing. (And still you see people strolling through town in T-shirts or short skirts—either they’re a shockingly hardy breed up here, or the alien invasion has already begun.)


Stroma, with an icy Orkney beyond

On the gansey, I’ve finished the first sleeve, cuff and all, picked up the stitches for the second and decreased the gusset out of existence like a stage magician making a pigeon disappear. Now it’s just a question of a hundred-odd rows of plain knitting, then the cuff and we’re done.

I might have finished it this week if we weren’t going to be away. Even so, it should still be done in time for New Year. Tune in next week for the last blog of the year, and news of some changes coming in 2015.

Till then, as it’s nearly Christmas, I leave you with this traditional carol:

In the Wick midwinter, rain had turned to sleet,
No matter how many pairs of socks you wore, you still had icy feet;
Sleet had fallen, then it rained, and it was dark by three,
In the Wick midwinter, sooner you than me…

7 comments to Vicar of Morwenstow 9: 14 December

  • =Tamar

    You have my sympathy. But soon you will have a handsome new gansey to wear, in a cheerful color!

  • Marilyn

    Hello Gordon, you have really cruised through this one. Someone with a more analytical mind could tally how long each gansey has taken, I bet this one is among the speediest.
    Glad you’re getting “oot an aboot” as my grandmother used to say, though we always miss you when you’re away.
    The “news of some changes” phrase has me trepidatious. Please relieve the anxiety as soon as may be.
    Minneapolis = 51 degrees F. and foggy yesterday. Very odd.

  • Jane

    Edinburgh sounds very nice, and I am sure their Marks and Spencer’s is lovely and gracious with no queues and plentiful socks, as indeed I remember it being about forty years ago! Big city, bright lights, my husband’s favourite saying!

    The gansey is beautiful, the sleeve looks good, it looks right against the main body. Nice co-ordination with the hues of the sunrise.

    I am still busy with the little knitted bits and pieces for Christmas having been a bit distracted by the mice. I knew they were partying in the loft, I had seen them, and Spike the cat, on the wild life camera, what else do you use it for! However, I feel the thing with the plastic water pipe and the teeth is a step too far. Deer looking really good, the one with the dodgy leg completely recovered. Very curious as to your plans, have a good time in the city, accept no wooden nickels!

  • Ebbie

    Have a very happy holiday – and no fair making us wait to hear of changes! Although mid winter in Portland, OR could use some excitement so I will look even more forward to your next post.

  • =Tamar

    Gosh, what happened to the sidebar? It only showed up after I clicked on ‘reples’.

  • Gordon

    Hello all, and thanks for the good wishes. We’re back from Edinburgh, all bright lights and crowds and German markets and skating rinks and coffee shops and other kinds of shops… (Not only is it unfair that they opened an Apple Store next to where I used to work, John Lewis now has a Hotel Chocolat coffee shop inside! I mean, really, that’s taking the mick. *sob*)

    Meanwhile, we return to find that several of the Wick Christmas lights are already broken, which does not improve the overall effect, and some bright spark thought the run-up to Christmas was the perfect time to dig up the entire length of the high street. Ho, as they say, ho ho!

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